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Slapper orange


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Slapper-A while in development, the Slapper is designed for fishing shallow at depths from 12 to 30 inch deep whilst 'slapping' the water with the rig to attract the attention of carp. The use of a tip rather than a conventional domed dibber allows the angler to watch the fall of the rig through the water. In one size only, which takes between 4 and 5 number 10s to shot depending on the size of bait. Place one shot right under the float and the rest as a bulk at half depth. Now incorporating 'perfect power' eyes (patent app.). At least as strong as any spring eye but much less obtrusive, no chance of trapping the line and without the effects on balance 

Body- B-Foam

Stem- 0.9mm Clear glass

Tip- 1.9mm Hollow plastic


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