About Malman Floats

about us

Founded in 2006, Malman Floats has earned a solid reputation in the match angling scene for quality and innovation. At the heart of our brand is Gaz Malham, whose dedication and craftsmanship are evident in every float. As the sole maker of our floats, Gaz has meticulously crafted over 400,000 floats to date, each embodying the precision and reliability that Malman Floats is known for.

Our commitment to innovation is showcased through our pioneering use of 110IFG foam, NiTi wire, and Perfect Power Eyes (also known as "Dura Eyes"), distinguishing our products in the market. Developed in close collaboration with seasoned match anglers, our designs are finely tuned to meet the exacting standards of the sport, making them a preferred choice among top anglers.

The trust placed in Malman Floats is clear, as many top match anglers, including those sponsored by other brands, consistently choose our floats for their superior performance. This trust is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that Gaz Malham brings to each float, ensuring they perform exceptionally in every setting.

Our floats have not only been the choice of top anglers but have also been instrumental in numerous top competitions, including Fishomania, Match This, and the Parkdean Masters. These victories in such prestigious events demonstrate the quality and resilience of our floats under the most competitive and challenging conditions. This success is a direct result of Gaz Malham's dedication to crafting floats that combine traditional techniques with innovative materials and design.

Malman Floats remains dedicated to the angling scene, with a continuous focus on improving and innovating. Gaz Malham's hands-on approach ensures that every float we offer is a product of experience and commitment to the sport. We are proud to provide anglers with floats that are not just tools, but a testament to craftsmanship and quality.