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This FAO is a work in progress, there'll be more to come!

Logging in-

Q:I can't log in/order, its telling me that my email is allready in use

A: contact us and we will reset the password on your account, usually does the trick.



Q:When can I expect my floats to arrive?

A: Most of the time floats are delivered within a few days although it can take up to a week.


Q:Not all of my floats have been delivered what's going on?

A: From time to time, usually due to two people ordering the same floats at the same time, the stock on the website is wrong. In these instances we will send out any floats we don't have in stock as soon as the next batch is finished. From 21/2/12 emails will be sent to customers when this is the case so please check your emails, if this is not the case please email with any details.


Q:Who do you use for delivery?

A:Royal mail signed for 1st class for orders under £50 and special delivery for orders over £50.


Q:I've only ordered 2 packets of silicone but I've been charged £3.50 for postage what's that all about?

A: The cubecart software that the website uses is only capable of flat rate charges, to compensate all orders of silicone/bushes only have an extra 2 or 3 packs of silicone in FOC.



Q:When will you have the floats I want in stock?

A: Gaz is working all the time to make floats and keep up with demand, we endeavour to restock out of stock floats within 3 weeks but an emphasis will be put on seasonal demand, ie. We are more likely to make winter wires in January than paste floats.


Q:I don't have a card/like using my card online, can I order over the phone?

A:Unfortunately we cannot process cards over the phone. You can go through the usual ordering and checkout on the website and when it comes to payment select 'print order form' and send a cheque for the total amount to the given address.


Q: Will you supply my shop?

A: At this time we are unable to provide floats on a trade basis.



Q:Why don't you use spring eyes?

A:Because they are a outdated miserable compromise that damages line and unbalances floats!



Q: My recent order of floats are a different colour to the last lot, what's going on?

A:From time to time we change the paint systems on the floats, some of the time its for technical reasons and will be an improvement. Sometimes its just because Gaz has a play about and finds something he thinks is pretty!


Q: I have some floats that seem to have shrunk???

A: Malman Floats encoutered this problem first because we where the pioneers of HI-Tec foam in the UK, but dont worry we where the first to sort it out-

 There have been a few batches of early foam floats that have had a problem being stored in high concentrations of methane gas, for instance in a well sealed box that might just have a few rotting pellets or other such things, usually a Rive because they are better sealed than other boxes. Tank testing could not have show this up, in fact we have foam floats that have been tank tested and submerged for two years with no problems. After extensive testing Gaz finally developed the 'rotbox' which tests foams and coatings for this problem. We are glad to say that all Malman Floats from 2011/03 on are free from any issues. If you have any floats from earlier than this just keep them out of smelly boxes and they will be fine. Any floats bought within two years that suffer from this will be replaced FOC.

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